About Us

Hello and welcome to our ‘About Us’ section. Myself, (Dave) and Joe would like to start with a big thank you from everyone here at Spitting Pig Shropshire for taking the time to visit our site and read more about our expert hog roast services. Each and every member of our dedicated hog roast team has been specially chosen because of a shared common goal – we feel passionately about delivering fine hog roast dining (and if you’ve found us, that means you too want nothing but the very best from your hog roast catering experience!).

At Spitting Pig Shropshire we are not just Hog Roast Catering experts but also professional butchers. Running our own butchers stop alongside our catering business means that all of the produce we use are at the highest and freshest quality.

Why Choose Spitting Pig Shropshire?

We bring over 10 years of in-field service to the event catering arena. When you choose Spitting Pig Shropshire to provide the mouth-watering meals for your guests, you benefit from over a decade of customer-focused commitment to excellence. We have vast experience in catering for all types and sizes of events – in fact, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether we cater for large or small parties. That’s why we’d like to give you an idea of our services.Hog Roast Shropshire

Party catering – our services:

Wedding Celebrations – We’ll work with you in developing a delicious wedding catering experience that your guests will enjoy from the first plate to the very last bite of tender hog roast meat.
Private Parties / Garden Parties – Private parties could include birthday celebrations and garden parties, for example, typically catering for an intimate number of friends and family.
Team Building & Corporate Events – If you’re looking to cater for a large number of guests at your next team building or corporate function, we can help – no crowd is too large for our expert team.

Indoor and Outdoor Catering

Spitting Pig Shropshire is ready to take your hog roast dining experience to the next level – whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor event, we’ve got you covered. Our gleaming stainless steel hog roast machines require only a few square feet in which to operate (plus space for a chef, of course!). That means that even if you only have a small corner of a town hall from which to provide the catering, we can help.

From well-ordered outdoor catering complete with side tables, gazebos, and serving tables, to the compact surroundings of a small social club hall or an area within a school hall, we have the hog roast catering expertise you need to pull off a show stopping range of beautifully cooked foods to wow your guests.

Spitting Pig Shropshire – Hog Roast Machine Hire Options

There’s something supremely satisfying about professional hog roast catering – from the tantalising aromas filling the air to the juiciest flavours filling every plate, seeing the diners enjoy a well thought out, well prepared, and well roasted range of foods is a pleasure we’d like to share with you.

That’s why we offer hog roast machine hire options for anyone who would like the opportunity to become the team leader for the day and take over the chef’s hat! We’ll drop off the hog roast machine and all of your ingredients, we’ll make sure you have a supply of gas canisters to last the day, we’ll throw in all cutlery and serving tables and gazebos as required, and we’ll even teach you how to use the equipment in our quick and easy tutorial. Sound good?

Contact us today for further details about our hog roast machine hire options.