Our Suppliers

A Spitting Pig Shropshire hog roast doesn’t just happen overnight. Throughout preparations for your event, our team of professional caterers will work tirelessly to design the perfect menu for your event and part of this involves sourcing the finest quality ingredients. Spitting Pig Shropshire pride ourselves on only using the freshest ingredients of the highest quality at all of the events we cater. By collaborating with and supporting other local businesses we are able to source all of our produce locally. This way, we can be confident that our hog roasts will always be the most delicious, succulent and indulgent as can be.

Please take a look below for more information about the suppliers we use:

The Village Butcher

The Village ButcherWith almost 50 years experience in the butchery and catering trade as a family, The Village Butcher has been running for the past 16 years. From day one, they have always been very discerning about working with only the best local suppliers and providing their customers with the highest quality meat. As proud members of the community, we love working with local producers companies such as The Village Butcher, and we thrive on having the opportunity to provide such high quality local produce to our customers.

The Meat We Source

The Village Butcher only ever sell the finest free range meat, all of which is accredited and ethically-reared in accordance with the highest quality standards and comes with of the Red Tractor seal of approval.

Packington Free RangeThe pork is supplied by Packington Pork, who are a family run business with incredibly high standards when it comes to animal welfare and quality meat. All of their pigs are bred and reared outdoors in the lovely Shropshire countryside and are free to roam from the day they are born. The expert farmers at Packington Pork feed their pigs with a completely natural diet that is entirely free from additives. Not only does their diet and the excellent conditions they are reared in ensure the pigs have a healthy and happy life, it also means that they produce the most tender and tasty pork possible.

We are just as careful when it comes to selecting our suppliers for all of our other meats too because the excellent conditions that the animals are reared in and the quality of the meat they produce as a result of such expert care, are always the most important factors for us.

The prime cuts of beef that we source from The Village Butcher are always from English 28 day matured heifer meat to ensure maximum flavour and succulence and our lamb, which is also exclusively sourced from the highest quality English suppliers, is just as tender because they have also been reared in the best possible conditions.

The same is true of our free-range Shropshire chicken, which is supplied to us by Highbury Poultry. Another Red Tractor assured company. Just like The Village Butcher, they set themselves incredibly high standards. We know that every chicken we receive from them will have been bred and reared in the best conditions and that’s how we know we purchase the finest free-range chicken in Shropshire to serve to our customers.

Local Fruit And Veg

True to form, we source all of our fruit and vegetables from a local market stall that exclusively sells organic, homegrown Shropshire fare, and we get all of the baked goods that from Trows in Telford, who pride themselves on producing real bread, which is made using traditional methods. Freshly baked and delivered on the same day, their bread is always a big hit with our customers and by using a local bakery company that is just as concerned about high quality and authenticity as we are, we are treating our customers to yet more great local produce.