Areas We Cover

Shropshire is a foodie’s idea of heaven! No other county in England can compete with the quality and diversity of our local produce, which is why Hog Roast Ludlow won’t get food from anywhere else and why you shouldn’t either! Shropshire may have a few unique traditional recipes such as Owl Soup, Fidget Pie or Shrewsbury Simnel Cake, but we can assure you that you don’t have to eat any of them, we’ll cater our menus to suit your needs and dietary requirements.

Instead of the more “inventive” local foods, we’ll get you settled just right with a classic of British culinary tradition: the glorious, meaty, hog roast. This cracker is set up with all the hallmarks of the perfect event catered dish: quality in volume, fine juicy meatiness, a good salty flavouring to keep your thirsty for more drinks long into the night (often a must for a raucous celebration event!), and a crisp texturing that delivers that satisfying pork explosion of flavour in every bite! Sometimes the classics are just adventurous enough for an event, and what the hog roast might lack in experimentation it more than makes up for in ingenuity and spectacle of unique flair. Like the sightly rolling Long Mynd pastures of the Shropshire Hills, this dish is an unbelievable sight to see in all its fiery, slow-cooking, smoky action!

Shropshire homes a staggering 32 castles and 25 hillforts and, luckily, Hog Roast Ludlow will cater in every single one of them. If you don’t happen to live in a grand castle take a look at the list of popular locations we have covered over the past few years below.

Floreat Salopia”, the motto of our humble county goes, meaning “May Shropshire Flourish”. Hog Roast Ludlow loves to see our county and its community flourishing with every one of our events. There is no finer sight than friends, family, community all coming together to enjoy some fine foods and delicious dishes – all in the name of a great, celebratory event. Hog Roast Ludlow also pushes Shropshire to flourish by going to our best farmers and local vendors for all our meats and ingredients – after all, we couldn’t ignore one of the nation’s best agricultural sites!

No party is too small or too large for Hog Roast Ludlow to cater. We’ll cater for your intimate family gathering all the way to your large wedding event! Get in touch today for your free quote and make your next function one to remember with Hog Roast Ludlow.