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Flexible Menus!

Here at Hog Roast Ludlow, we may be best known for being the leading hog roast specialists in the area, but we don’t believe in resting on our laurels regardless of how good our slow roasted pork is. We have spent many years treating our clients to our unbeatable hog roasts, but at the same time we have also be continually developing our menus to ensure we cater for the increasingly diverse tastes of modern diners and that our food can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of budget, tastes or dietary requirements. As a result, we have gone on to become a local catering company who can provide a varied and superior spread for any kind of event, family gathering or special occasion in the area.

Our Fresh Ingredients

Hog Roast ShropshireWe realise that we can’t offer restaurant-standard menus without starting with high quality ingredients. This is why we are very discerning about every item of food we put on your plate and we only ever select the finest local produce available, including all of our ethically-reared meat, free range dairy products and organic fruit and vegetables. We also make sure we do our superior ingredients justice by freshly preparing every element of your menu from scratch on-site. We always arrive several hours before service to allow ample time to freshly prepare every dish whilst the meat is being slowly roasted and no matter how many dishes we are preparing, we never take short cuts with pre-made items and all of your menu will beautifully presented and ready to be served right on cue.

A Menu To Meet Your Needs

Our fresh ingredients form the basis our extensive range of menu options. Our classic hog roast sandwiches served with crunchy crackling and our homemade apple sauce are always a massive crowd pleaser for large outdoor events, markets and local festivals, whereas our varied buffets are perfect for corporate entertaining, birthday parties, or any other kind of special family celebration or party with friends.

If you would prefer a more formal dining experience for your wedding reception for example, we offer elegant 3 course meals with both classic and contemporary dishes that are guaranteed to suit all tastes.

Hog Roast ShropshireWe can provide an extensive selection of different slow-roasted meats if you would prefer an alternative to pork or a second meat option, all served with our own inventive twist on their classic accompaniments. We also offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes across all of our menu options. We have the ability to adapt any aspect of our menu to meet individual requirements and can provide you with a truly bespoke meal that all of your guests can enjoy together, even if they have different tastes or dietary needs, without anyone having to compromise or miss out on some great food.

The Hog Roast Ludlow team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your menu is absolutely perfect for your event and we always take every detail into account both before and during your event when we are planning, preparing and serving your food.

Flexible Service

The variety of our menus is matched by our versatile approach to the style of service we offer. How we present and serve your food is entirely up to you, depending on nature or your event and how formal you would like it to be. If you are planning a relaxed party and opt for one of our sociable buffets, our catering assistants will be on hand to chat to your guests and help everyone out as they are deciding which delicious dishes they want to dig into. Whereas if you would prefer a more formal 3 course meal, we can provide full table service, as well as the option of our front of house team greeting you and your guests and providing a stylish canape welcome reception, for a more sophisticated feel.

Our varied menus that are suitable for any occasion, our exclusive use of fresh, high quality ingredients and our ability to freshly prepare every dish at your venue, makes us the ideal catering option for your big day. If you want the finest slow roasted pork in the area, along with diverse menus that accommodate a wide spectrum of tastes and dietary requirements, Hog Roast Ludlow can meet all of your catering needs and give you a memorable dining experience.