Hog Roast Alberbury

Hog Roast AlberburyGot a big event coming up in Alberbury? Need the very best in fine food catering at an affordable price? Well then look no further than Hog Roast Alberbury for all your event catering needs We provide top quality catering to any and all events throughout Shropshire, no matter the size of your event or budget! Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate affair, anniversary, birthday, small dinner part, Hog Roast Alberbury are more than happy to provide.

Our speciality is in our top quality meats finely roasted over a slow roaster, bringing your meals to finely cooked perfection – there is nothing else quite like it. We don’t put our name behind our famous hog roast for no reason, as our expert team put every bit of time, care, and effort into bringing the most perfectly cooked pork in the country. We prepare fresh on the day of your event, and all of our meat is the finest stock available locally since we never scrimp on quality.

Top Quality Catering In Alberbury

Hog Roast AlberburyCommunity is at the heart of our business. At Hog Roast Alberbury we operate like a tightly knit family so believe us when we say that we understand just how important and special each and every event we come to is. With Hog Roast Alberbury you will be receiving the kind of catered service that is uncontested in the care and love we put into every part of our business. We’ll have your guests revelling in our kind delivery and brilliant food.

Our team will always work to your requirements and budget, so while we always recommend our speciality hog roast we are more than happy to provide you with any combination of any of our other meat, vegan, vegetarian, and even gluten-free dishes. Whether you want it in a buffet or a set-menu we’ll find the right option for your budget and needs, all at the same high quality as our hog roast. Talk to our team to find a customizable food combination made personal to you without having to worry about a lengthy bill after.

So remember – for the finest food catering and service in Shropshire give Hog Roast Alberbury a bell today! We cannot wait to serve you.