Hog Roast Bishop’s Castle

Hog Roast Bishop's CastleAre you holding a special event in Shropshire? Have you booked a caterer to feed your guests? If not, you have come to the right place. Hog Roast Bishop’s castle is one of the best caterers in the Shropshire region and beyond, with a firm emphasis on events catering. We have catered for all types of events, including but not limited to weddings, parties, anniversaries, christenings, funerals, and even large-scale public markets and festivals. There really is nothing off the cards for us.

The secret to fine catering is using quality and fresh ingredients. Sourced locally from farmers, the food is cooked fresh on the day before your very hours. Our Hog Roast Bishop’s Castle team go to great lengths to ensure it is roasted to total perfection, with a cooking process of over 6 hours until it is ready to be served.  Roasting meat from its raw state and in full view of our customers means that they can not only see the preparations take place but they’ll also be overcome with the visual delight and mouth-watering aromas of the meat slowly roasting on the spit.

Great Food In Hog Roast Bishop’s Castle

Hog Roast Bishop's CastleWhile we may be famed for our hog roasts, we want you to know that it is only one string to our bow. There’s so much to try on our menus – whether it be our delectable hog roasts, a slow-roasted lamb, or even grilled halloumi dishes to suit all diets and desires. Do you have a dish in particular in mind that you’d like us to whip up? Let us know! We’re a highly flexible team of chefs that strive to give you a catering experience that’s tailored to you. Simple.

Now we’ve given you the basic details of what Hog Roast Bishop’s Castle can offer; we’d love to chat to you in more detail about how the process works and the variety of catering options we provide. Give us a call or send an email today to make your enquiry!