Hog Roast Cleobury Mortimer

Hog Roast Cleobury MortimerIf you’re looking for the finest roast meats in all of the UK catered for your next event in Shropshire then look no further than Hog Roast Cleobury Mortimer. Our speciality is in premium service and premium food without the additional premium cost so that you do not have stress about a lengthy bill – the only thing we want you focused on is a great tasting feast from us! Hog Roast Cleobury Mortimer are capable of administering catering for any type of event, no matter its guest list size or budget – we are flexible to your needs.

So whether you need catering for a wedding, corporate function, birthday party or more, then Hog Roast Cleobury Mortimer are here for you with our fine tasting slow roasted meats assured to impress any event. We believe in perfection at every level which is why our food is sourced only from the top stock available locally. Such fine meat deserves an even finer cooking process to extract its perfect taste. That’s why our expert chefs specialise in slow roasting your meal fresh on the day until it is exactly perfect to serve. Our hog roasting process is an exact science, but it is also a fine spectacle to watch as well so by hiring our team you can expect an additional bonus in watching your meal be brilliant prepared on our trademark spit roaster.

The result of our painstaking process is a perfectly salted pork roast that pulls deliciously away from the bone to then be served either as a roll filling or accompanied by our exquisite roasted veg and potatoes. Whichever way you want it, Hog Roast Cleobury Mortimer can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Our meat is renowned for its incredible mouth-watering taste and flavour.

Food Prepared Your Way In Cleobury Mortimer

Hog Roast Cleobury MortimerAt Hog Roast Cleobury Mortimer we never limit on choice. Our hog roast is of course our chef and fan favourite, but we also provide a huge range of other catered foods all produced at the same top quality. Pick from our many chicken, beef, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and more choices catered either as your own customizable set-menu or a grand buffet feast. Our team will work personal to you to satisfy your event needs.

So call Hog Roast Cleobury Mortimer today for your next event!