Hog Roast Gnosall

Hog Roast GnosallWell, if you’re planning an event in Gnosall, you sure have a beautiful backdrop to set it in. You’ll likely need an equally beautiful banquet to delight your guests with then. Well, that’s where Hog Roast Gnosall come in. We can create a fabulous feast that will taste as divine as it looks.

Succulent pork, tender beef, mouthwatering turkey – whatever meat you desire, our talented chefs will slowly-roast it on the spit, keeping all its juicy flavour. Our menu offers variety. If you would like to add canapés to the start of your event, or have some of our chef’s own gourmet sausages thrown on a barbeque, we will cater our menu to you. Everyone deserves a delicious dinner. If you need a tasty alternative for your vegetarian or vegan guests or anyone with dietary requirements, we will happily arrange this for you.

We take pride in selecting locally sourced fresh ingredients of the highest quality so that our sumptuous salads and seasonal vegetable sides complement the main. Hog Roast Gnosall cook everything from scratch on the day of your party. By setting up at your venue a few hours before the festivities begin, it allows the tantalising aromas from the roast to greet your guests

Experts At Hog Roasting In Gnosall

Hog Roast GnosallWe cater to all styles of event, from weddings to work dos, private parties to village fetes. The Hog Roast Gnosall team can also handle a guest list of any size, so even if you’re inviting everyone you know, nobody will leave the party still feeling hungry.

As part of our services, we will take care of everything, from carving to cleaning.  If you’re planning a formal function, or simply don’t wish for anyone to queue for their food, we also have fabulous servers who will bring the food straight to tables. Whether you need us to follow a table plan, supply crockery, or make sure each of your guests is given a disposable napkin, we will take care of the finer details too.

We are on a mission to provide you with both a fantastic feast and fabulous service. Let us take the stress out of planning your party. If you’re hungry to learn more, give us a call or drop us an email today.