Hog Roast Prees Heath

Hog Roast Prees HeathWhen you’re holding an outdoor event in Prees Heath, there is one gatecrasher you don’t mind turning up, and that’s the Silver-studded Blue butterfly. These beautiful gems of the skies can be found here thanks to the sanctuary at the Common. Another element you’ll be glad is making a presence, is the tantalising aroma coming from the hog roast.

As the pig slowly rotates on the spit, the moisture locks into the meat while the skin crisps. The result? Heavenly flavour. Hog Roast Prees Heath may specialise in pork, but our fabulous chefs will cook up any meat you desire. They can even fire up a barbeque if you want to add sausages and burgers to your feast. We want everyone to enjoy a memorable meal. If needed, we will prepare tasty alternatives for any vegetarian guests or those with dietary restrictions. Our menus cater to all taste buds.

With over a decade’s experience behind us, we have provided tantalising food for many occasions – and not just outdoors. We also operate inside. So, whether you’re bringing everyone together for a wedding, holding a small party for your close friends or entertaining your clients and colleagues, we can provide a delicious dinner that will make mouths water.

If you are planning a formal function, we do have a brilliant serving team who, pending on your package, will greet your guests with drinks and canapés on arrival as well as bring the food straight to them

Quality Is Our Top Priority With Hog Roast Prees Heath

Hog Roast Prees HeathHog Roast Prees Heath selects ingredients of the highest quality, and as they’re locally sourced, we guarantee freshness. From the meaty main display to the salad and seasonal vegetable sides, every single bite will burst with flavour.

The machines we use are top of the range too. We do hire these out, so if you’re a culinary genius and fancy cooking up a storm for your party, we will show you how to get the most out of the spit. We can also supply the food for you – this way, with our events expertise, you know you’re not ordering too much or too little.

So, if you are looking for a catering option that looks and tastes divine, give Hog Roast Prees Heath a call, or drop us an email today.