Hog Roast Whitchurch

Hog Roast WhitchurchIf you have been searching for a creative catering option for any type of event in this busy town on the English-Welsh border, look no further than the Hog Roast Whitchurch team. We are considered to be the number one supplier of hog roasts in the area, as well as having a growing reputation as being a versatile catering company capable of providing varied menus for any occasion, in any location and for events of any size or theme.

Our awesome hog roasts are always the ultimate crowd please for any occasion, but we also offer a whole host of different menus that are suitable for all tastes, diets, budgets and occasions.

We Always Go The Extra Mile In Whitchurch

Hog Roast WhitchurchHog Roast Whitchurch’s food is great for large informal gatherings and more intimate special occasions alike. We can cater to an excellent standard for everything from local festivals and sporting events to sophisticated wedding receptions, family parties and corporate entertaining. We are experts in providing restaurant-standard food in any location and have extensive experience of providing memorable outdoor dining experiences. Thanks to our flexible approach and versatile cooking equipment, however, we can also give you a taste of the great outdoors in smaller indoor venues anywhere in Whitchurch. We are able to do this because our state of the art roasting machines and highly versatile team are able to operate with maximum flair and efficiency in any setting, whether we are catering for 30 people or 300.

Our menus are just are diverse as the type of events we can cater for, with a range of alternative meats, varied side dishes, vegetarian and vegan options, and a vast selection of buffet and 3 course meals to choose form, depending on the level of formality you require. Whatever you choose, everything will be made from scratch on-site using the best locally sourced produce available.

If you would prefer a more formal feel, we can also bring along our own front of house team to treat you and your guests to a canape welcome reception and our own waiting team to provide full table service for the rest of your meal. Hog Roast Whitchurch have the versatility and imagination to give you a truly memorable dining experience and make your special day a high success.