Hog Roast Buttington Catered for a Sunny Garden Party in Little Aston

Last weekend, Hog Roast Buttington catered for a wonderful garden party in Little Aston, Birmingham – and we were so pleased to receive such amazing reviews from the guests in attendance. There was approximately 50 people to cater for, and we were asked to offer a selection of offerings for all diets, so that no-one went hungry. Instead of the traditional hog roast, the host opted for our popular Southern Slow Menu – with chicken, beef, BBQ pork, Mac n cheese, chips and Greek salad. While we were preparing the food, the host had also booked a violinist to play in the background, while Hog Roast Buttingtoneveryone got acquainted and sipped their welcome drinks.

The team arrived a few hours prior to the event to set up the gazebo. We meticulously prepared the space to ensure everything was in order. All the food was cooked freshly on-site, utilising the best ingredients and ensuring that each dish was of the highest quality. Each meat dish was then transferred into insulating tins, ready to be served approximately an hour into the event.

Guests were free to help themselves to the food whenever they pleased and were delighted by the variety and quality of the food, with quite a few making their way back for second helpings. The casual, buffet-style approach set up by Hog Roast Buttington allowed everyone to relax and enjoy the meal at their own pace, which created a more relaxed environment.

After everyone had enjoyed the meal, our team took the leftover food and spread it out on a few plates, making it easy for guests to nibble throughout the rest of the evening after we had packed up. This way, the food wasn’t wasted, and people could casually help themselves to more whenever they were feeling peckish.

We love catering for smaller parties as we get the chance to get to know guests on a more personal level. If you’re keen to book us for an event in the near future, get in touch with Hog Roast Buttington today to make an enquiry.