Great Feedback for Hog Roast Llanrwst’s Wedding Catering!

One of the best privileges of our job here at Hog Roast Llanrwst is that we get to be involved in so many “life” moments for so many people across the country. Event catering is one of those jobs that takes you out to all sorts of places, and all sorts of occasions made to celebrate some of the brightest and best moments in one or several people’s lives.

Hog Roast LlanrwstOne such occasion that we are regularly delighted to be a part of is of course than other than weddings. Wedding catering is easily the most popular and thought of form of catering; wedding dining is the closest association most people have when they hear the term catering, and it is where catering like ours tends to come out to its very best to give our lovely brides and grooms-to-be the special day that they are after.

Weddings are a high stakes kind of event for our teams in that regard. We want the day to be perfect for our customer, so our dining has to be in the best shape possible, which thankfully we manage every time. We know that only because we so often get such brilliant feedback afterwards as we did this past week from an incredible wedding ceremony out at Hafod Farm in Llanrwst. We often ask our customers for feedback and testimonials after an event with them so that we can better gauge how our services are coming across. It is always so affirming for our Hog Roast Llanrwst teams to have that feedback come back with glowing responses, just as it did this week with the Haford Farm wedding service.

Our team puts so much into delivering as best an experience as possible when it comes to weddings; a lot of trust is put into the hands of the caterer when it comes to weddings as the dining is such an intrinsic part of the overall experience of the day – a poor meal can easily spoil the whole thing. So to have that work and trust rewarded with a wonderful testimonial means the world to us, and we love showing these testimonials off from time to time – both for other customers to see, but also for our own Hog Roast Llanrwst teams to get the acclimation they deserve!